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Cashflow Analysis & Forecasting2021-07-22T06:13:39+00:00

Many profitable businesses collapse due to cashflow problems. You can’t manage what you don’t know. Establishing cashflow patterns and forecasting future cashflow is crucial for the health of a business. Identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement and putting plans in to place is also vital for long term business success.

Growth & Profit Program2021-07-22T06:13:02+00:00

Successful businesses have clear objectives, produce quality products or services, understand their market, manage their money properly, are good employers and back everything up with amazing service. With our Growth & Profit Program we focus on these areas and work together to achieve your objectives and goals. We tailor your program to your specific requirements and use progressive thinking and state of the art analysis software to help get your business firing on all cylinders.

Cloud Accounting2021-07-28T05:25:52+00:00

Visit our Xero page to learn more. It’s the only way to go, you can thank us later!

Tax Planning2021-07-28T05:25:56+00:00

No one likes to pay more tax than they legally have to. We review your current profit position and estimate your likely end of year profit and tax position. Then develop and implement key end of year strategies to maximise the benefits to you and minimise the tax payable.

Planning Sessions2021-07-28T05:28:02+00:00

The starting point for any strategic planning is to know what you want to achieve. Our planning sessions get to the core of your thinking. Do you want help to achieve your business goals? Do you want help to achieve your retirement goals? Do you want to be more profitable? Do you want your business to run more efficiently? Typically done as a day or half-day session we come out of it with a roadmap created by you. We then wrap ongoing planning, monitoring, and support around this to see those goals become reality.


We enjoy working with a wide variety of service businesses.

With over 30 years of delivering accounting services, Peat Partners have worked across many different industries, including retail, hospitality, farming, construction, and more.

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Interest Reduction Service2021-07-28T05:45:05+00:00

Hand in hand with debt restructuring we look at interest rates and fees being charged to see if we can get a better deal. It may be as simple as a conversation with your current bank or it may be a complex process that produces a significant benefit.

Debt Restructuring2021-07-28T05:44:38+00:00

Over time our circumstances change and the finance we put in place in the past can become inappropriate for our needs. We review your current facilities and look at ways to improve cashflow and reduce costs.

Capital Raising2021-07-28T05:44:09+00:00

A great idea that can’t get off the ground is such a waste. We provide strategic and structural advice to give your idea a platform and put you in touch with equity partners to help you realise your vision.

Succession Planning2021-07-28T05:43:40+00:00

The sale of your business is often the biggest event in your business life. The planning for this is often required years in advance of the actual sale to get maximum value and a seamless transition. Intergenerational transfers also bring their own unique complexities that need to be mapped out and planned for.

Asset Protection2021-07-28T05:50:38+00:00

Operating under the structure/s appropriate to your circumstances and risk profile is extremely important for asset protection. Appropriate insurance cover and risk mitigation strategies also form part of our Asset Protection Plan.

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